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Shot Peening Benefits



  • Prevents fatigue failure in metal parts
  • Allows existing part designs to function at higher stress levels
  • Prevents stress corrosion cracking in metal parts and pressure vessels
  • Enhances lubricity on gear teeth and other bearing surfaces
  • Produces uniform textured surface finishes for special coatings adhesion and cosmetic requirements
  • Work hardens mating surfaces to prevent fretting and galling
  • Forming and straightening metal parts without inducing surface tensile stresses
  • Closes porosity in castings and powdered metal components

bladesSpecific Product Improvements

  • Spring life increased 400% to 1000%
  • Gear life increased 500%
  • Drive Pinion life increased 40% to 400%
  • Steering knuckle life increased up to 120%
  • Crankshaft life increased 100% to 1000%
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