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Salem, VA

National Peening’s facility in Salem, Virginia has provided shot peening and related services to OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers) since January of 1994.  Located on a 2-acre site at 2167 Salem Industrial Drive, our facility consists of a 20,000 sq. ft. main building and a 4,000 sq. ft. utility building.  Industries we serve include manufacturers of:

  • Class 8 road tractors
  • Rock drill and mining equipment          
  • Heat exchangers and piping systems for the chemical industry
  • Large vehicle suspension torsion bars
  • Large vehicle brake system components
  • Springs of all sizes
  • Axles and shafts of all sizes
  • Gears of all sizes
  • Man lifts and cranes
  • Process water treatment equipment
  • Construction site water treatment equipment

National Peening, Salem provides quality controlled shot peening compliant with the requirements of AMS2430.  Whether shot peening or metal cleaning, National Peening, Salem employs a range of equipment that efficiently meets our customers’ requirements.  With emphasis on larger shot sizes and heavier parts, automatic equipment capabilities at National Peening, Salem include:

  • Pressure generator equipped rotating and oscillating I.D. (inside diameter) processing of thru bores as well as bottle bores.
  • Pressure generator equipped oscillating nozzle spindle rotation processing.
  • Gravity media fed air nozzle with table rotation processing
  • Wheel powered tumble processing
  • Wheel powered small table rotation processing
  • Wheel powered large table rotation processing
  • Wheel powered skew roll processing for long round rods and shafts
  • Burn-off ovens for removal of coatings from steel parts

A 14 ft. x 14 ft. x 28 ft. shot blast enclosure is used where manual processing is appropriate.

Additional services provided by National Peening, Salem include:

  • Assembly
  • Application of specialty rust inhibitors
  • Application of coatings
  • Specialty packaging
  • Palletizing
  • Burn-off Cleaning

Burn-off Cleaning, also known as Heat Cleaning, is the method of removing unwanted coatings from steel parts by heating the parts in an oven.  National Peening, Salem is permitted by the state of Virginia to operate ovens specially designed for this process.  Heat from the oven breaks down the unwanted coatings and forces them off the work pieces in the form of smoke.  The smoke is consumed in an afterburner.  The only thing that exits our exhaust stacks is hot air.  The ovens used at National Peening, Salem are the highest efficiency models available.  Our ovens automatically monitor the progress of each oven cycle.  When the unwanted coating is eliminated, the cycle ends and shuts down the oven.   No operator intervention is required to determine cycle times.  Parts holding fixtures from high volume production painting and powder coating operations have need for this service.  Burn-off cleaning is environmentally friendly as well as economical.