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Bedford Heights, OH

National Peening recently opened a Shot Peen operation in Bedford Heights, Ohio.  This new operation will be in service by the third quarter of 2014.  The plan is to have all the customer approvals in place by the ending of the third quarter of 2014.  During the next several months National Peening personnel will be meeting with the customer base to make sure that they are being informed of the new plant’s progress and to insure that the plant personnel understands their needs in for product delivery and equipment configuration.

The current plans call for the following pieces of equipment to be installed:

  1. Five and Six Wheel Spinner Hangers for OD peening.
  2. The Spinner Hanger Machines:  This equipment delivers the most uniform OD shot peening in the industry today.  Using this style of shot peening machine has eliminated part distortion.
  3. A Rotating Table OD Machine:  This equipment will deliver the most efficient way to optimize running larger volume of smaller parts and still hold uniform tolerances.     
  4. Two Vertical Air Rotating Lance Machines and One Three Lance Machine (total of three machines):  This equipment allows for faster ID peening than the standard horizontal machines.  This style of shot peen machine will help eliminate distortion.       
  5. Ten Nozzle / Multi Shot Size Machine:  This equipment allows for multi sizes of shot to be used without cleaning out the equipment and recharging it with new shot sizes.  By using this style of machine it optimizes machine efficiency.
  6. Glass Bead Blast Cabinet:  This equipment will be used for Glass Peening of parts to improve surface finishes and check plating adhesion.
  7. Aluminum Oxide Blast Cabinet:  This equipment will be used to remove any surface oxides prior to testing.
  8. Several small Hand Peen Booths:  This equipment will speed up the process for peening smaller parts.
  9. Non- Destructive Testing: capabilities of Mag Particle, Nital Etch.

This new National Peening plant was designed to deliver high quality parts and to meet all of our Customers on time delivery needs.  Lean manufacturing process was used in the layout of the plant to aid in moving the parts quickly through the plant to minimize motion waste.  Our plant will be implementing the use of green materials where possible to minimize environmental impact.  

For more information or to request a quote call 440-342-9155